the lands of the motherless 

The world another time

Is there such a thing as fate? Misfortune? One lot linked to another and a common destiny that unites them? Or is it just a jumble of events and actions, coincidences and names, that guides everyone’s steps?

In a place without where or when, in a world in which everyone has two Shadows, a King everyone has forgotten opens his eyes again after a long sleep. His is not to be a real awakening , but the beginning of a fresh new existence. Because there, where the light of Albedon reigns, there is no struggle that wins forever, there is no way that does not lead elsewhere.


The Minstrels of Albedon

The Chronicles of Albedon had been buried for evos on end in the darkest dark until a woman who is a Storyhunter came across them in the legend of the Motherless. From then on, together with a handful of other explorers, she brought the events to light, one after another, publishing them for the first time in the form of fiction.


A lady from other times and a bizarre adolescent both incarnate in a mercurial spirit, Nat enjoys throwing everything into the air. How come? Because we’ve always had our legs in the air. Can’t you see that we’re turning, even now, head down in space???.

Hero Illustrator

A new Giotto for an unforgiving world, Lunatici – whose name is Gerardo, but everyone calls Gerri – is the unsung painter of Albedon, hidden among the lava flows and the precipices he is still there, searching for a fragment of a particular colour, a grain, a herb, to draw the world.


His is an ancient language incomprehensible to the Nontu, however he has tried in every way to translate the voices of Albedon into other voices. Minstrel and musician, he has the honour of propagating the exploits of the Nontu People on our own planet, the Earth.

Model reader

Nicolò aka Nik  is the young Warrior and Explorer who goes out every day hunting for Tricks, legendary creatures that suddenly make one powerful and invincible. Who knows whether there’s one on Albedon?

Talisman of souls

Neither a Flan nor a Cerel, her name is flame and her road is Destiny. A bearer of high hopes and a skilful huntress, she will take the good tiding – if there is one – to the people of Nolaos. Klastra willing.


Dalla Tana (aka Dalla) has circumnavigated the lands of Nolaos far and wide. In the end – still no one knows how – he found the road back.

How did he do it? Simple, he’s a real Pathseeker.


“The horizon forgot the dim light, and the Breath of Krain swept across the land of Nolaos and its mountains, rippling the icy waters.

No North no South, only summits of ice and abysses of lava.

And yet it was there, in a cleft of crumbling rock, in a developing fistful of land, that the People of the Erect put down roots, and built their world.”

The Night of the Origins