About Natalia

An SEO Copywriter, Storyteller and Social Media Specialist, she has always been involved in literature and creative writing.
After two nominations for the Eugenio Montale International Poetry Prize, in 1995 she won first prize in the literary competition “Quarantanove Righe per Arrivare al 2000” published by the RAI and the newspaper Corriere della Sera. On the jury: Dacia Maraini, Giuseppe Pontiggia and Antonio Tabucchi.
This was followed by the publication of some short stories in the anthology entitled “Ventotto,” published by Guaraldi, and in the magazine TutteStorie. An organizer of cultural events and publishing projects, she deals with Web and Social Marketing, as well as Sintext and advanced SEO techniques.
Her passion for science fiction, fantasy and series in general has resulted in THE CHRONICLES OF ALBEDON – THE LANDS OF THE MOTHERLESS in which she has been able to express the form and substance common to her many interests.